Office of Global Affairs


Date Title Category
2023-07-25 CMU English Calendar 2023-2024 International Students
2023-07-06 ELTA Fall Semester Application (Spring Semester Recruitment) Information Session Slides International Students
2023-04-06 International Student Handbook International Students
2022-12-28 2023 KIT Exchange Student Program-Courses List Domestic students
2022-05-17 Confirmation of Enrollment for 2022 Fall Intake International Students
2022-03-29 Fulbright Taiwan Grant Informative Session Domestic students
2016-09-23 Work Permit Forms for International Undergraduate Students (Updated Feb-2017) International Students
2015-10-14 Cathay Life Insurance Group Foreign students health insurance International Students
2014-09-09 【Calendar for International Students, 2014 Academic Year】 International Students
2011-12-27 Ministry of Education Short Term Research Award (STRA) Distinguished Guest Visits
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