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Taiwan Scholarships

Scholarships offered by various organizations have different regulations. Please note that applicants who awarded any scholarship are NOT guaranteed a university entrance admission, and vice versa.

International students may apply for the Taiwanese Scholarship offered by the government. Please check the Ministry of Education website. Applicants may apply from February 1st till end of March every year at the Taiwan Overseas Mission (TOM) in their countries or the nearest country in case there is no TOM in the country.

Please also refer to Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program website to find out more.

CMU Scholarships

China Medical University Regulations for International Students Applying for Scholarships

  1. An international student, as provided in this regulation, shall be confined to as an individual whose nationality is not from the Republic of China as described in Article 2, of the Nationality Act and also without overseas Chinese student status.
  2. Eligibility
      Requirements Credit/
    Academic Performance Behavior Grade Record
    Undergraduate Full-time international students who have completed one semester study at CMU 9 >3.0 80 No Record
    Graduate Full-time international students who have completed one semester study at CMU - >3.7 80 No Record
    Graduate students who have no score for last semester must offer proposals or reference letter from their directors to apply for scholarship.
  3. III. The Award Period in Terms of Study Programs
    a. Undergraduate program: The Award Period Depends on Regulations of Each Department
    b. Master's Degree program: maximum 2 years.
    c. Doctoral program: maximum 4 years.