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About the program

TTT 2015 is an eight-week program beginning late-June 2015. Around 230~280 youths of Taiwanese ancestry aged 18~30 will be recruited from various countries through a selective application process. Interns will participate in a six-day group orientation (2015/06/21-2015/06/26) and thereafter proceed to their designated internship positions throughout Taiwan for seven weeks of internship (2015/06/29-2015/08/15).

The orientation will take place from June 21st, 2015 to June 26th, 2015, and it is compulsory for all participants. If there are any schedule complications, please do not apply.

Every participant will be required to sign a letter of guarantee and confirmation back to the TTT Office via email to finalize the acceptance.

With the approval of host institutes, interns can apply for early commencement or extension of their internships. Interns, however, are responsible for the costs of extra days of their stay in Taiwan. Some hosts may provide interns with subsidies for their extension but it varies from different institutes. Interns shall initiate contact with their host institutes for the details in regard to extension and early commencement after getting accepted into the program. At the end of the program, interns will have to present the results of their work at the Academic Conference.

Download: 2015 Taiwan Tech Trek Program Introduction in detail

Current situation (Students applying for CMU)

Year 2013 2014 2015
Number of students 1 4 6


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