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【2015 International Student Registration Process】-Online Registration and Tuition Payment

2015 International Student Registration Process
-Online Registration and Tuition Payment
Registration Process:

1.      Online registration(Deadline: Aug 31)

2.      Pay for the tuition and fees (Deadline: Aug 31)

3.      Original documents verification on the International Student Orientation (information of the location and time will be provided)


Other important registration information, please visit: (Chinese)

Undergraduate Student:

Graduate Student:


STEP 1: Online-Registration (Deadline: Aug 31)

Please complete the registration process before Aug 31, print out the “CMU International Student Passport Information” and “CMU Student Bank Account Information”.



STEP 2: Tuition and Fees Payment (Deadline: Aug 31)

Please read the instruction and log in the system to check your tuition and fees. Then provide us the receipt for verification.

Link of the CMU Tuition Payment System:

(Please download the instruction below)


+ Overseas Transfer (Please note that the transfer fee/service fee will be your own cost. Please inform us after you transfer.

+ Pay in cash at any branches of Hua Nan Bank (the copy of the invoice is required)

+ Pay in cash at the Casher in CMU Taichung Campus (6th Floor of Lifu Teaching Building)

+ If your tuitions and fees are under NTD 60,000, you can pay at 7-11, FamilyMart, HiLife and OK(the copy of the invoice and Service Charge of NTD10 are required)


+ CMU Overseas Transfer Information

+ Instruction of Tuition Fees Payment

+ Standard of CMU Tuition Fees

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