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China Medical University YouTube Video Competition

  • Purpose: To promote China Medical University (CMU) and encourage international students to apply for CMU, we’d like to invite CMU international students to introduce their student life ,and share their experience in CMU and advertise CMU through YouTube videos.
  • Organizer: Office of Global Affairs, China Medical University
  • Eligibility and Requirements:
    1.     Full-time international students, overseas Chinese students and Mainland China students who currently enroll and study in CMU.
    2.     Each person can choose to participate as an individual or as a team.
       (1) Each team is limited to 4 members, and each person can only participate in one team.
       (2)  Each team shall assign one member as the main correspondent to receive the organizer’s notifications, and awards, and to be the tax withholder and taxpayer.
       (3)  Each participant/team shall only submit one film for competition.

  • Procedures:
    1.     Registration: Please download the application form from the attachement2, and email the application form to before 17:00 November 09, 2020.
    2.      Submission: Please upload the video to YouTube and your Google Drive and email the links to before 17:00 November16, 2020 (Taiwan Local Time). The email subject shall be “CMU YouTube Video Competition (Name of the video + contact person)”

  • Awards & Prizes
    Gold Award: 1 person or team (NTD 10,000)
    Silver Award: 1 person or team (NTD 8,000)
    Bronze Award: 1person or team (NTD 5,000)
    Best Innovation Award: NTD 3,000
    *The winners will be awarded certificates.

  • Contact Information:
    Ashley Yang,Office of Global Affairs, China Medical University
    04-22053366 ext.1122
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