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Professor Tatsuhiro Shibata from the University of Tokyo visited China Medical University and delivered a lecture

On 2018 July 7th, Professor Tatsuhiro Shibata from the University of Tokyo delivered a lecture entitled “Epigenmoic landscape of HBV-Positive Liver Cancer” to the faculties and students in China Medical University (CMU). Professor Tatsuhiro Shibata, also the director of Japan National Cancer Center Research Institute, is a well-known expert in Cancer Genetics. He has published several research articles in high impact scientific journals including Nature, Science and Cell.

Prof. Wen-Hwa Lee, Chancellor of CMU; Prof. Liang-Yo Yang, Dean of Office of Global Affairs (OGA); Prof. Chingju, Lin, Associate Dean of OGA; Prof. Wu, Kou-Juey, Director of Research Center for Tumor Medical Science; Prof. Hung, Shih-Chieh, Dean of Institute of New Drug Development; Prof. Kuo, Wei-Wen from the Department of Biological Science and Technology and Prof. Lee, Ming-Fen from the Department of Nutrition have attended the lecture. Professor Tatsuhiro Shibata’s presentation has triggered heated discussion among the audiences. After the presentation, CMU faculty and Professor Shibata continued to exchange thoughts and even discussed about research cooperation. The visit of Professor Shibata has paved the way for a potential cooperation in the near future.