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Fujita Health University



Fujita Health University is located in the southern part of Nagoya City, the fourth largest city in Japan. We are a medical university that has sought to educate good health care providers with a focus on team medical care ever since our founding based on the principle of “Our Creativity for the People.”

With excellent faculties, top-of-the-line facilities and three educational hospitals where training and internship opportunities are available, the university educates medical personnel across a wide range of specializations including doctors, clinical technologists, nurses, public health nurses, radiologic technologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, clinical engineers, and health information managers.

Our university has about 3300 students including 2793 undergraduate students, 319 graduate students and 120 technical college students, and more than 30,000 have graduated so far. Currently, our university offers eight undergraduate degrees, two master's degrees and two doctoral degree programs. In October 2018, in commemoration of our 50th anniversary, we renewed our university’s Japanese name to express our determination for leading the field of medicine.

At Fujita Health University Hospital, whose motto is “patient-centered medical care,” students can learn medical care in a broad range of areas and develop the requisite skills and qualities to become health care providers who can see things from the patient’s standpoint and remain close to the patient.

Furthermore, the university has a strategic focus on the development of unique medical science and clinical research centered in the Institute for Comprehensive Medical Science. We believe that high quality medical research provides the basis for high quality medical education, and there is no other private medical university in Japan that has as many full-time researchers working on advanced research. Reflecting our research accomplishments, we have ranked 7th in Japan in the THE World University Rankings 2019, alongside other national universities, and ranked in the 401-500 band in the world. We maintained position as the highest ranked Japan private university for the second consecutive year.

With the goal of being recognized as one of the top universities in Japan, we are not only pushing forward with activities in the areas of education, research and clinical practice, but also contributing to the local society and showing a commitment to the international community.


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