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China Medical University and Asia University Cohosting: 2016 International Symposium in Innovative 3D Printing Medical Application and Clinical Use

China Medical University (CMU) and Asia University (AU) co-hosted the 2016 International Symposium in Innovative 3D Printing Medical Application and Clinical Use, by inviting international medical 3D printing experts: Dr. Christopher Moir and Dr. Jonathan Morris from Mayo Clinic and Professor Tsuyoshi Takato and Professor Atsuhiko Hikita from University of Tokyo. The symposium focused on the academic research, laws & regulations, and clinical applications of medical 3D printing. President Jeffery Tsai of Asia University stated that it was a pleasure for Asia University and China Medical University to co-host this symposium and invite overseas experts from Mayo Clinic and University of Tokyo. During the symposium, Dr. Christopher Moir explained how 3D printing effectively aided him and his team to successfully separate conjoined twins whom still lives healthily as of today. Dr. Jonathan Morris introduced the 3D printing facilities at Mayo Clinic and how this technology efficiently shortened the surgery duration and increased the success rate of operations in one of the best hospitals in the world. Prof. Tsuyoshi Takato and Prof. Atsuhiko Hikita shared their outstanding 3D printing academic research results and how they implemented these results in clinical settings at University of Tokyo. China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) has emphasized on the development of research and clinical application of 3D printing in recent years by establishing the 3D Printing Medical Research Center (3DPMRC). Within 2 years, 3DPMRC has successfully completed over 100 3D printing-related clinical cases and has produced numerous quality SCI papers in the field of tissue engineering and bio-printing. 3DPMRC integrates various technology of 3D printing into biomedical engineering to enhance the quality of future medical treatments. Dr. Fang, Hsin Yuan, the director of 3DPMRC, stated that this symposium is the second organized by 3DPMRC and is a platform on which international and local experts can share their knowledge and experience in the field of 3D printing. Dr. Fang is optimistic about the development of clinical 3D printing in Taiwan and hopes that more clinical successes can be heard in the future.
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