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Yet again, Elites Nurturing helped CMU hit its peak. THE LATEST, CMU is now Ranked 199 offically by ARWU!

Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) recently released the annual publication of university ranking. In Taiwan, a total of 7 universities were ranked within the Top 500 Best Universities in the World. Within the list of Top 500 universities, China Medical University (CMU) earned its new height at the place of 199 amongst other universities across the global, ranking CMU the second best university in Taiwan and first amongst all private universities in Taiwan. This remarkable achievement is a reflection of CMU’s rapid yet successful growth in all aspects in recent years. CMU was ranked 363rd by ARWU in 2015. After a year of constant improvement, CMU’s ranking leaped 164 places, making itself one of the top 200 best universities in the world and one of the fast-growing universities in Taiwan. Dr. Tsai, Chang-Hai, the Chairman of the Board of CMU & Health Care System, congratulated all students and faculty of CMU for reaching an important milestone of this university and stated that more investments will be placed into the academic development in an effort to establish China Medical University as one of the best educational institutions in the world. Dr. Wen-Hwa Lee, Chancellor of CMU, stated that CMU is currently placing focus on the research fields of tumor& clinical oncology, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, clinical immunology, central nervous disease, and stem cell integration. Within the past three years, CMU has recruited 80 well-accomplished educators. To further excel the education achievement of CMU, the Chairman of CMU will invest another “3 Billion, 100 Tutor” Project” to recruit local and international educators. The current trend at CMU has been established for each academic staff member of CMU to produce an annual average of 3 SCI papers. To be further globalized, CMU has formed academic collaboration with many globally recognized institutions, including MD Anderson; University of California San Francisco, San Diego, and Irvine; University of Southern Carolina, etc. The future of CMU can only be even more promising under this rate of improvement.
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