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China Medical University hosted 2016 International Symposium on Quality Control of Traditional Chinese Medicine with worldwide scholars’ greatly participated!

On 24th and 25th of September, China Medical University (CMU) hosted the 2016 International Symposium on Quality Control of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which 27 renowned local and international speakers were invited to participate and share their opinions and knowledge. This symposium was organized in an effort to set a standardized quality control of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) across the globe. The event focused on the current TCM regulations, TCM management, new TCM inspection technology, and TCM pharmacopoeia modifications. CMU Chancellor, Dr. Wen-Hwa Lee stated that TCM has become globally popular in recent years. Since the therapeutic effect of TCM is vastly dependent on its quality, setting up a solid standardized quality control for TCM is of utmost importance. Dr. Yi-Tsau Huang, the director of National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, gave the opening remarks and the first presentation of the symposium by talking about: The Role of TCM in Health Care System in Taiwan The following is a brief summary of the speakers and their speech topics: · Professor Nandu Sarma of Dietary Supplements and Herbal Medicines- United States Pharmacopeia: USP Botanical Dietary Supplements and Herbal Medicines Compendium. · Professor Dr. Gerhard Franz of TCM-Working Party of the European Pharmacopoeia: The Global Challenge - Introduction of TCM into the European Pharmacopoeia · Professor/Associate Dean Zhong-Zhen Zhao of Hong Kong Baptist University: The Inheritance and Innovation of Traditional Experience on Identification of TCM · Professor Yuan-Shiun Chang of China Medical University: The Compilation of Taiwan Herbal Pharmacopeia · Professor Jin-Woong Kim of Seoul National University: Quality Control of Herbal Medicines in Korea · Dr. Shu-Yuan Chen of Phytax GmbH: TCM Related Regulations and Herbal New Drug Approval in Europe · Professor Kelvin Chan of Western Sydney University: Global Trend of Quality Control of TCM · Dr. Hisayoshi Norimoto, General Manager of PuraPharm Japan Corporation: Quality Control of Kambo Medicine in Japan and Herbal Specification in Japanese Pharmacopeia · Associate Professor Yu-Ling Ho of Hung-Kuang University: Compilation of Color Illustration of Taiwan Herbal Pharmacopeia The symposium gathered experts across the globe to actively converse about the future trend and improvements of TCM quality control. Ms. Wen-Hui Gao, Deputy Director of Department of Chinese Medicine, Ministry of Health and Welfare, concluded the symposium and declared that it was a pleasure to see every participant’s active involvement in discussion during the symposium and that the one and a half day symposium was a great success.
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