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【China Medical University International Student Admission List for Fall 2015 】


China Medical University International Student Admission List for Fall 2015

1. 本榜單依據104學年度外國學生招生委員會第二次委員會議決議,104年5月20日業經簽奉 鈞長核准公告辦理。

This Admission List is based on the resolution of Meeting of China Medical University International Student Admission Committee.

2. 榜單姓名如有筆誤,依錄取生之申請表資料為準。

The names should be in accordance with those on the application forms if there were misspellings on this Admission List.

3. 錄取生除榜示外另以email信件通知。請錄取者於6月6日前回覆註冊意願確認書,逾期視同放棄。(註冊意願確認書將另以email寄發)

Accepted students will also be informed by emails. Please reply the Confirmation of Enrollment which will be sent via email before June 6th. Students who do not reply to us the Confirmation of Enrollment before the prescribed deadline will lose their eligibility to enroll in China Medical University for 2015 academic year.

4. 錄取生須於註冊前依規定繳交經駐外辦事處驗證之畢業證書、歷年成績及財力證明等相關文件資料正本,審核後方可註冊。經入學後,其資料發現與事實不符時,即取消入學資格。

Admitted students must arrive at university to register prior to the date specified, and be prepared to show original diploma, transcripts, financial statement and other required documents authorized by the Taiwan Overseas Representative Office (original documents will be returned after inspection.) If the authorized documents cannot be submitted at the time of registration, the qualification of enrollment will be revoked.

5. 本校預計6月下旬寄發錄取通知,7月至8月寄發新生入學通知,錄取生屆時請按規定辦理入學手續。

Acceptance Letters will be sent in late June, 2015 after we received the Confirmation of Enrollment. Information of enrollment will be sent in July and August.

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