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[China Medical University International Student Scholarship]open for application


China Medical University International Student Scholarship is now open for application. The application deadline is March 22nd.


Eligibility of applicants

  1. Officially and currently enrolled as foreign students.
  2. Students who are on extended stay beyond the normal period, those who have not completed the first semester and those who have accepted the government sponsored Taiwan Scholarship are not eligible to apply or disqualified.
  3. Undergraduate students, Master candidates and Doctoral candidates should reach a total average score of >70 in academic performance and >80 in behavioral assessment with no penalty (or demerit) point in the latest semester.
  4. Undergraduate students should complete at least nine credit units per semester.
  5. A Master or Doctoral candidate may submit a confidential letter of recommendation written by his /her supervisor and a copy of the project proposal when no score is assigned to them during the period of research study or thesis writing.
  6. Original application form and official transcript should be submitted to the Student Affairs Office within 30 days after the semester has started.


Award management

  1. The scholarship period for undergraduate students depends on the study period; Master candidates have a 2-year period; Doctoral candidates have a 4- year period.
  2. Each successful applicant receives a financial aid of NTD20,000 per semester.
  3. Serious misconduct or dishonesty may result in disqualification, cancellation and/or return of the award.


Required documents:

1.      Application form of China Medical University International Student Scholarship (as attached)

2.      Academic Record in Chinese (apply from Office of Academy, Section of Registration)



1.      Apply the Academic Record in Chinese

From Office of Academy, Section of Registration

(1)   Please fill in the attached application form of Academic Record. The application forms are also available at the drawers in Office of Academy

(2)   Pay NT 20 at the Cashier and take the receipt

(3)   Submit your application form of Academic Record and the receipt to Office of Academy

(4)   It requires 1-2 work days to process and please take your receipt as the proof to get your Academic Record

Or apply at the Academic Record Application Automatic Machine at 1st Floor, Lifu Teaching Building. The medium is in Chinese only and can only apply for the Chinese version.

2.      After you get your Academic Record, complete in the application form of scholarship. Please note that signatures of your mentor and the head of your department are required.

3.      Submit all the required documents (the application form of scholarship and your Academic Record) to Ms. Hsu, Extracurricular Activities Section, Office of Student Affairs.( in front of OIA) before 17:00, March 22nd.


Person and department in charge: Ms. Hsu, Extracurricular Activities Section, Office of Student Affairs

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