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Partner Institutions

Kyung Hee University



A private university, Kyung Hee has a comprehensive education system encompassing all grades from kindergarten to graduate school. Founded in 1949 as a two-year college, Kyung Hee established a four-year university at the Seoul Campus in 1952. The Global Campus at Suwon opened in 1979, followed by the Kwangnung Campus in 1984.

As Kyung Hee moves toward its 60th anniversary in 2009, it ascertains prestige as a university of significance and infinite possibility despite its short history of only half a century. It has appointed the next fifty years as the second Renaissance for leading forward. As Kyung Hee reaches for its goal of expanding to the competitive university, it is concentrating its efforts on strengthening the core capacity in the fields of education, internationalization, research, and university management.

Besides, Kyung Hee strives to bridge cultural and social gaps by promoting mutual understanding and prosperity. As a result, it encourages frequent exchanges with sister schools overseas to facilitate the exchange of ideas. These activities spread a shared belief in the value of learning.


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